General Chat

So, yet another blog by some bloke who collects something?

Yes, 100% correct! I have alot to share, and would like to display it coherently. This blog will take some time to set up, I have plans! Plans that may or may not happen. I also have ALOT of content to add, and that needs to be thought about. Currently everything I do is scattered around the internet, and it should really be a bit tidier.


So, what do I collect? Well, vacuum cleaners



obviously! Many, many cleaners. More than I want or need in all honesty. But, with every machine I like to refurbish it to a high standard before it’s sold or kept, something which does take time, and sometimes too much time and effort for the resultant value.

Many of you will know my youtube channel, this is where alot of the machines feature. Hopefully they will feature on this blog too! (once I work out what to do with it!)


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